Additional Services

To assist you with your emergency shipment, we are able to offer additonal services that complete your transport need.

Customs Service

Whenever you require customs clearance for your shipment, we will arrange so!

Falcon Onboard Logistics takes care of all import and export customs formalities for your emergency shipment. Whenever you need customs clearance services, just ask us when requesting a shipment. We will offer you the all-in transport solution.


Pickup and delivery door to door

When requested by you, our Onboard Courier OBC-service also provides pick up and delivery at the door, worldwide. Our worldwide partner network and the option of the courier delivering by taxi or rental car himself, helps us offer you a seemless product.

In a few hours time we are able to pick up your shipment at the desired location. The delivery takes place on the fastest way after arrival, once the courier picked the cargo at the baggage belt (unless your shipment weights under 10kg and small measurements, then he takes it with him in the cabin). Have a look at our benchmark transit times for worldwide services.


Status Updates

The personal transport by one of our globally available couriers, allows for continuous updates on the status and location of your shipment.

Updates steps include receipt of the shipment, check-in of the courier and loading/boarding of the aircraft, as well as the successfull delivery at the desired destination place, with a signed proof of delivery (POD).