As a part of an Onboard Courier (OBC) shipment or a dedicated transport itself, we offer express deliveries by car, van or small transporter: Throughout Europe, for courier services and your desired transport solution we are able to offer you a car on short notice.

You need a dedicated road service transport solution within Europe, for example from Tiszaujvaros, HU to Munich, DE? No matter if documents, important spare parts up to a total weight of several hundred kilograms, we provide you a suitable transport solution. Fast und easy. Pick up can be done within few hours time and delivery will take place without detours, to ensure a short transittime. Your shipment is our highest priority.

Your shipment is our highest priority, we do not sell our land transport via hubs or loading something as extra load. Only dedicated drive! At the most places we are able to send one of our drivers for pick up.


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