Scope of an OBC

Find out where a transport by Onboard Courier is right for your urgent emergency shipment. We can provide you with tailor-made solutions that support your supply chain in urgent cases, e.g. a line stop at one of your plants


Sometimes, every minute counts to avoid additional costs or an important customer relationship might be at stake due to problems or delays in your usual supply chain. Your problem solver is the onboard courier, to get your shipment to the customer in very short time. FalconOnboard Logistics is there to support your supply chain, whenever a problem might evolve.

When any kind of production parts are delayed, or even a linestop might be imminent, get in contact with us for a tailor-made transport solution that fits your request. We will handle your automotive shipment fast, reliably and safe with one of our couriers.


Are you facing operational delays or flight cancellations due to a broken aircraft part? We ship your important Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG)-parts to the desired airport around the world, to get the aircraft back in the air as fast as possible. On short notice and with highest priority!


Do you require important documents for a contract closing, a conference or a presentation on short notice? No matter the distance, either by dedicated road transportation for shorter distances or by an Onboard Courier (OBC) we are able to bring your important documents to their destination.


Are you a producer of prototypes, such as integrated circuits, or other hightech goods overseas and need them in your local branch? Contact us now for a fast and safe Onboard Courier (OBC) transport solution. Usually we are able to deliver your parts from Asia the next day


Under adherance of highest security precautions the scope of an OBC is also to ship any kind of valuables and fashion, i.e. for an important fashion show. Get in touch now, for a custom-made transport solution that fits your needs.