Transporting important parts by/as an Onboard Courier

Onboard couriers are couriers who transport time-critical freight, valuables, spare parts but also documents from A to B. Such transports require speed and precision, as the spare parts to be transported are urgently needed at their destination. The addition “Onboard” already gives a hint that the goods are transported by a courier by air. The transport mode Onboard Courier (OBC) therefore is faster than a network transport solution by sea or regular air freight. Depending on time pressure & urgency, transport by onboard courier therefore is reasonable from a distance of approx. 600-1000 km, as it is possible to deliver to the destination faster than by road transport. The longer the route, the bigger the time advantage when transporting by Onboard Courier (OBC).

Our couriers usually receive transport requests between 2-24 hours before departure. They should therefore have their place of residence near an international airport in order to be able to always act quickly and also enable departures for our customers on short notice. Further requirements are time flexibility, usually given for students or freelancers (working at home). Every courier should also have foreign language skills, character traits such as reliability and stress resistance in order to have a chance to be assigned for a mission by us. Equally important are flight and travel experience outside Europe or the respective home continent and a frequent flyer status with at least one of the three major alliances. Especially the latter is a prerequisite for potential couriers at Falcon Onboard Logistics. Such status allows privileges in baggage handling & boarding that enable a seemingless and smooth transport, whether as cabin or checked baggage.









Goods to be transported

Frequently you hear people asking “Do you even know what you’re transporting there, can’t that be something illegal? Of course all goods for transport by onboard courier have to be 100% legal which can be checked by documents and of course opening the box if necessary. Usually our customers for such transport are large companies that require urgent spare parts for machines, aircraft or ships, which otherwise results in high downtime costs if the goods are not transported as quickly as possible. The courier always receives the documents which provide information stating the type of goods to be transported. Furthermore it is possible for the courier to open the parcel to have a look inside. Some photos are advisable, so one can provide visual images on request to the security officers, check-in agents and customs officers if requested so.

The range of possible goods for transport by onboard courier comprises documents, normal cartons as well as aircraft spare parts (AOG) with dimensions of up to 3 metres in length e.g. The goods must always be packed in such way that they can be transported in passenger luggage without any problems. A solid cardboard box or plastic crates are preferable. Depending on the quantity, weight and size of the parcels, they can be transported with the courier in the cabin or alternatively as checked luggage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. Transported the shipment with the courier in the cabin is always priority.









Courier requirements

As already described briefly above, we would like to introduce you to our requirements for onboard couriers. All goods to be transported by OBC are very urgent goods. A delay or even a loss is therefore not an option and must be excluded or minimized under all circumstances. Therefore, the requirements for couriers honor past courier experience, frequent flyer status and impeccable behaviour. Above all we trust on recommendations from known couriers. Previous experience as an onboard courier is also key for all new applicants.

  • valid passport
  • credit card(s)
  • cell phone plan with worldwide roaming
  • frequent flyer status
  • certificate of good conduct
  • driver´s license
  • visa (RU,CN,IN,etc.)
  • yellow fever vaccination if jobs to parts of Afrika

Whenever we receive a promising application and all requirements have been met, a personal telephone conversation to get to know each other is the next step. After getting into our courier database, we can never predict if and when the first assignment will actually happen. In order to be close to our customers, we accept courier applications globally. There are certain regions where we can use couriers almost permanently. But also other countries or cities where it makes no sense to add a new courier to our database.









First Assignment

Now it’s time to be patient. Sometimes we will contact you with the first suitable job within a few days, sometimes it can take much longer. Therefore, always have your mobile phone with you and be reachable by phone. When we have a potential assignment, we ask the suitable couriers in the area for their availability.”First Come, First Serve” applies, so keep in mind if we can’t reach you, another courier may have already been assigned the job a few minutes later.

In order to be able to make commiting offers for our customers requests, it is important that we already spoke to a courier who would be able to fly the order that day, if confirmed. Occasionally, we may also position a courier to pick up the goods at another location where we don´t have couriers available.

You may find the single steps of a transport by onboard courier on